(Translated by Google) There are many good studios in Kaohsiung, but the two big calligraphy characters on Wuji's website attracted me deeply at the beginning, simple, flawless and full of humanity. I am very grateful to my photographer Luo Fu, hair makeup artist Yi Er, and other partners who are willing to regard us as a blank piece of paper, a pair of unique individuals who use our extraordinary intuition to accompany us to explore our likes and dislikes. I remember the story that happened to us. Because of this, I haven't been confused for a long time. Without looking up at the stars, there is no secret base that everyone aspires to. Just a look, a smile, and a pair of warm hands are enough to make us feel. To the picture of happiness. The preparation work before the shooting was hard, especially since I was a mother, I had n’t stood in front of the mirror for a long time to see how I looked, and I even forgot about the one I once liked. But through these prior preparations or precipitations, the shooting day was unexpected, and Wuxi can guide us to feel and embrace that true self in a more natural and humorous way. Only with freedom and no excessive softness makes the shooting day The day was relaxed and enjoyable, even a treat. Got the work! I don't know how to praise Luofu and Yier in terms of professional photography or makeup, but I believe their efficiency and professionalism are obvious to all (otherwise they should be taken down). I really like the photo that looks like myself. I think that after many years, I will still like it very much, and my child will recognize the mother once. Don't people just keep looking for the one they like ?! If you want to enjoy this purity too, it's ridiculous! There will be a mood, its name is moved! (Original) 高雄有很多不錯的工作室,而無稽網站上兩個大大飛舞的書法字,卻在一開始深深地吸引著我,簡單、無暇、滿是人味。我很感謝我的攝影師螺父、髮妝師毅兒,還有其他夥伴,願意把我們視作一張白紙,一對獨一無二的個體,用他們過人的直覺陪著我們探索自我的喜惡,回憶曾發生在我們身上的故事,正因如此,早已年過不惑,沒有抬頭看星星,沒有大家都嚮往的秘密基地,只是一個眼神、一個微笑、一雙溫暖的手,就足以讓我們感受到幸福的畫面。 拍攝前的準備工作是辛苦的,特別是我已身為一個媽媽,我已經很久沒有好好站在鏡子前看看自己的樣子,甚至逐漸忘了那個曾經喜歡的自己。但透過這些事前的準備或是沉澱,拍攝當天出乎意料,無稽能以更自然、幽默的方式,去引導我們感受和擁抱那個真正的自我,只有自在,沒有過度的矯柔造作,使得拍攝日當天輕鬆而且愉快,甚至是一種享受。 拿到作品了! 我不大懂得如何用專業的攝影或彩妝術語來稱讚螺父和毅兒,但我相信他們的效率和專業,絕對是有目共睹的(不然應該被下架了)。我很喜歡那個很像自己的照片,我想當過了好多年,我還是會很喜歡,孩子也還會認得阿母的曾經。人不就是一直不停地再尋找那個很喜歡的自己嗎?! 如果你也想享受這份純粹,就來無稽吧! 將會有一種心情,它的名字叫感動!Ting HuangFebruary 20, 2020
(Translated by Google) Thank you Dafei for your hard work From wedding photos to parent-child photos are honored to be nonsense I was so happy to receive the finished product I really regret not coming here (Original) 感謝大飛用心拍攝 從婚紗照到親子照都很榮幸能來無稽 收到成品都超開心的 真的不來無稽會後悔🥰🥰張培益January 28, 2020
(Translated by Google) Dafei is so handsome, attentive and professional. The atmosphere of the photo is very appropriate and comfortable. (Original) 大飛太帥了,又很細心,也很有專業度。拍照氣氛的拿捏很恰當,舒服😌Frank HuangJanuary 17, 2020
(Translated by Google) Shooting day can feel the team regardless of shape or style shooting want to express, and we have active discussion, you can feel the intentions, received the finished product really satisfied, very happy father and ridiculous snail selection team to help us shoot = ) (Original) 拍攝當天可以感受到團隊不論是造型還是拍攝想要表達的風格,都積極的與我們討論,也能感受到用心,收到成品真的很滿意,很開心選擇螺父及無稽團隊幫我們拍攝= )Jeremy HoJanuary 11, 2020
(Translated by Google) Thank you photographer Luo, as much as possible to assist us, although from a different place to Kaohsiung to shoot, but can have a full and warm feeling, the work is supernatural, the texture is very good, family and friends are very appreciated! Snail father is super good chat, Sagittarius is very good! 😂 (Original) 謝謝攝影師螺父,盡可能地協助我們,雖然從異地過來高雄拍攝,卻能有滿滿溫馨的感受,作品也超自然,質感非常好,家人和朋友都非常讚賞喔!螺父超好聊天,射手座很可以!😂chloe chenDecember 9, 2019
(Translated by Google) When I first found a wedding photo, I immediately got an answer when I saw the nonsense work. Thank you very much, Dafei, the wedding photos are very natural and warm, the angles are very good, the time and the atmosphere are very good, and will remind us of some small details that are not noticed. The friends who are ready to marry ask me where the wedding is. Looking for haha In short, I am very grateful to the nonsense team for helping me record precious wedding memories. (Original) 當初找婚攝時,一看到無稽的作品心中馬上有答案了 非常感謝大飛, 婚禮的照片很自然且溫馨,角度感覺都很棒,時間跟氣氛掌握的很好,也會提醒我們一些沒注意到的小細節,準備結婚的朋友都問我婚攝是哪裡找的 哈哈 總之,非常感謝無稽團隊幫我紀錄寶貴的婚禮回憶游挺軒November 26, 2019
(Translated by Google) Thank you very much for all the staff. Thank you very much, thanks to the snail father. From the beginning of the discussion, every detail, we didn’t think of it, we didn’t think of it, all of which helped us notice - Going to the studio, it will make people feel inexplicably like the atmosphere here. I really appreciate the nature of the big fly that we have taken with the obstacles. During this period, I feel that Dafei is a very temperature person. His attitude is his intimate attitude. The photos he took were as full of temperature as his people. I have said that Dafei is a very reliable person, as long as he says "Don't worry" "Nothing", "Little things", "Good". I really don’t have to think about anything, just follow the rhythm of the big flight arrangement. - The snail father chats with Dafei very well. It is crazy to play. But as soon as they pick up the camera, they will be fully engaged. It has changed completely. It’s very handsome. Choosing Wuji is definitely a decision that will not be regretted for a lifetime. - If you are hesitant, make an appointment to talk to the photographer. I believe that my heart’s answer must be chosen. (Original) 真的真心的感謝無稽全部工作人員 很感謝大飛 感謝螺父 從一開始的討論 每一個細節 我們沒想到的 我們想不到的 全部都幫我們注意到 - 到無稽工作室 會讓人莫名其妙的喜歡上這裡的氣氛 真的很謝謝大飛把有肢障的我們拍的那麼的自然 這段日子下來 覺得大飛是一個很有溫度的人 他的做事態度 他的貼心 他拍攝的照片就跟他的人一樣充滿溫度 我都說大飛是一個很可靠的人😂只要他說「不要擔心」「沒事」「小事情」「很好」.....等等 真的就什麼都不用想,跟著大飛安排的節奏走就對了 - 螺父跟大飛很好聊天 玩起來很瘋 但只要他們一拿起相機 他們就會完全投入 完全變了一個人 很帥❤️ 選擇無稽絕對是一輩子不會後悔的決定 - 如果猶豫不定就預約跟攝影師聊一聊 相信自己心中答案一定就選出來了👍Ichen LaiNovember 19, 2019
(Translated by Google) Nonsense is a very warm and natural shooting style that will record people and people's feelings with images. I am very happy to let Dafei help us record the most important moments. We are an early morning luncheon Everything is rushing Also because of the experience of the photographer, we can help us to look after us. Let us have a worries-free wedding I didn’t see every guest on the day. Look at the photos of the day now Still very touched? Experience of immersion Thank you Dafei (Original) 無稽是ㄧ個拍攝風格很溫馨自然會把人和人感覺用影像記錄下來 很開心能讓大飛幫我們記錄最重要的時刻 我們是早儀午宴 一切一切都很趕 也因為有攝影師的經驗幫我們顧前顧後 讓我們能無後顧之憂的婚禮順利進行 當天沒能好好的看每一位嘉賓 現在看當天的照片 還是很感動呢 身歷其境的感覺 謝謝大飛邱泰瑞November 6, 2019
(Translated by Google) Thanks to Wuji Studio for leaving an eternal commemoration for our wedding. The photographer is very nice and professional, looking for the best angle and recording the most beautiful moments. (Original) 感謝無稽工作室為我們的婚禮留下永恆的紀念。攝影師非常 nice and professional,為我們尋找最佳的角度,紀錄最美的瞬間。Bright ChuOctober 9, 2019
劉建輝September 25, 2019
(Translated by Google) Very hasty decision to sign a non-standard summer light wedding dress program, mainly because the program content meets individual needs, does not require too much trivial package content, plus only takes four hours to shoot, without spending a whole day and effort. The most important thing is that the photographer's photo style is in line with the natural pursuit of the individual's pursuit and can also take into account the beauty. It is completely different from the wedding style of other wedding companies, so it will be ordered quickly~ I decided to look for a big fly photographer because I liked the bright style of his photo, the natural beauty of life, the contrast of light and shadow. When I was communicating with Dafei to shoot wedding photos, scenes and shapes, Dafei was very careful to discuss with us. The details are very reassuring. On the day of shooting, I also thank Dafei for guiding the posture and driving the atmosphere. The photos taken at the moment have a lot of fashion photos that will make you want to increase the price immediately. Dafei’s photography technology can really upgrade the new meat to Xiaomei’s Net Beauty (in the case of unfinished film), big push!!! There are also photos of retro dresses, cafes and old Weishis. It’s really great, there is a kind of returning to the original love. Dating time~ Thank you, Dafei Photographer, Yier stylist, staff, and your strong work team to have such a great wedding photo!!! You can cooperate with you, it is the right choice!!!! In addition, the purchase of the non-standard style handwritten, also sent as a wedding invitation to friends, friends are praised!! CP value is super high!! It is recommended that if you want your wedding photos to be full of personal style and not fall into the cliché, it will definitely be your first choice!! Big push!! (Original) 很匆促的決定簽約無稽的夏日輕婚紗方案,主要是方案內容符合個人需求,不需要太多瑣碎的包套內容,再加上只需拍攝四小時,不用耗費一整天的時間和體力。再來最重要的是無稽的攝影師的拍照風格,符合個人追求的自然流露又能兼顧美感,跟其他婚紗公司的制式化婚紗照感覺完全不一樣,所以就火速下訂啦~ 決定找大飛攝影師是因為喜歡他拍照所呈現的明亮風格、生活自然流露、光影對比的美感,在跟大飛溝通拍攝婚紗照內容、場景、造型時,大飛都很細心的跟我們討論細節,令人感到非常安心。拍攝當天,也謝謝大飛適時的引導姿勢和帶動氣氛,當下拍出來的照片,有很多張會令你想要馬上加價購買的時尚照片,大飛的攝影技術真的可以讓肉肉新人們瞬間升級為小一號的網美(未修片的情況下喔),大推!!!還有拍攝復古洋裝、咖啡廳結合老偉士的照片,真的是太棒了,有種回到當初談戀愛的約會時光~ 謝謝無稽攝影工作室的大飛攝影師、毅兒造型師、工作人員,有你們強大的工作團隊,才能有這麼棒的婚紗照啊!!!能跟你們合作,真是對的選擇!!!!另外加購的無稽風格手札,也當作喜帖發送給朋友們,朋友們都讚譽有加!!CP值超高的!! 建議如果想要你的婚紗照充滿個人風格且不落於俗套,無稽絕對會是你的首選喔!!大推!!洪琬庭September 18, 2019
(Translated by Google) I am very happy to make an appointment to Dafei when we are married. The handsome people will bring the atmosphere, the rhythm is very good, and the small details are also helpful for us to notice. In the chaos, we can help us record the most realistic picture. To the original touch, push and push. 😍 (Original) 很高興預約到了大飛當我們的婚攝,人帥又很會帶氣氛,節奏掌握很好,小細節也都有幫我們注意到,忙亂中幫我們紀錄最真實的畫面,看到照片就回到當初的感動,推推推。😍TING TSAIJuly 24, 2019
(Translated by Google) I really like the wedding record that Dafei helped us to shoot. I was really anxious at first and could not find a satisfied photographer. Later, I finally found the nonsense on the Internet and saw the works of Dafei. It’s completely my favorite style, with bright tones, angle framing, I naturally like the presentation of nature and truth. It was really nervous that morning. But Dafei’s skill in driving the atmosphere is really strong. It will make people really relax a lot, and friends and relatives also praise Dafei When I saw the photos, it was the same as what I thought inside. I am really satisfied, I really like a lot of photos that are really revealing. I feel that the photo seems to be as sloppy as it is. And the end of the morning, the end of the intermission, Dafei went back and immediately took a few nice photos and shared them with us. Let us also feel the joy of marrying in the morning, I feel very close. (Original) 真的非常喜歡大飛幫我們拍的婚禮紀錄 當初真的非常焦慮找不到滿意的攝影師 後來上網終於找到無稽,看到大飛的作品 完全是我喜歡的風格,色調明亮,角度取景、 很自然真情流露的呈現讓我很喜歡, 當天早上本來真的很緊張, 但大飛帶動氣氛的功力真的很強, 會讓人真的放鬆不少,親友們也都很稱讚大飛👍🏻 後來看到照片,就跟我內心構想的感覺是一樣的, 真的很滿意,非常喜歡很多真情流露的照片, 覺得照片好像會說話一樣😂。 而且當天早上迎娶結束中場休息, 大飛回去還馬上修了幾張很好看的照片分享給我們, 讓我們也感受早上迎娶的喜悅,覺得很貼心❤️夏茶July 18, 2019
(Translated by Google) Although the impulse hurriedly ordered the wedding dress plan, he never regretted contacting Luofu from the beginning. He even gave us more pictures and results than we expected, except for Luofu's insistence on beauty. In addition, the stylist Angela Wu made me even more beautiful. And the snail father has a special skill. He can try to grab the soul of that person in the short time of contacting the newcomer, and shoot the personal Unique flavor, anyway, when I see the porn, I will always be yelling ~~ Without them, I did n’t expect that I could be as embarrassed as a fashion magazine, anyway, they must have been taken by them because of the nonsense photographer Everyone has a different style, and people want to try it ~ (Original) 雖然當初衝動匆忙很快就下訂了婚紗方案,但從一開始接觸螺父就從來沒有後悔過,甚至他給我們更多我們意想不到的畫面跟成果,除了螺父本身對美感的堅持沒話說外,造型師Angela Wu更是讓我美到掉下巴~而且螺父有個特殊的功力,他可以在接觸新人這短時間內,試著抓出屬於那個人的靈魂,拍出專屬於個人的獨特風味,總之看到毛片就會一直哇哇哇的驚呼連連~~沒有他們根本沒想到我也可以像時尚雜誌拍出來的一樣😂,總之被他們拍過肯定被圈粉,因為無稽的攝影師每個人都有不同的風格,讓人都想嘗試一遍~翁詩惠June 26, 2019
(Translated by Google) / Thank you / In the process of preparing for the wedding, the girls most look forward to it, I think it is to shoot beautiful wedding dresses. From the beginning, I preferred full self-service wedding dresses, so I looked at the shooting styles of countless photographers. In the end, I chose Wuji Photo Studio-Snail Father. I like his photos, although simple, but full of emotional beauty. When discussing with Luoluo, he asked us how we wanted to present our wedding gown. I said that I wanted to integrate our life of interest into the wedding gown, so we decided to take a light trip for three days. During the discussion, we were like friends. Like chatting, there is no sense of distance at all. We have always taken shooting wedding dresses as a trip. I ’m really looking forward to it. Finally, the day I started shooting, I started to get a little nervous. I do n’t know what expressions and poses to start shooting. Fortunately, Luo Fu (Cai Mengyan) and Liu Feifei used humor without losing professionalism This attitude takes us slowly into that feeling. During the process of shooting, they constantly give suggestions and tell us how to adjust to show a better picture, although sometimes I think that this posture is to kill anyone. Ah, but when I saw the photos, I knew that the photographer's insistence was right, ha ha ha ha Three days of shooting, really, everyone is crazy, shooting with them again, it ’s not like working again, it ’s like traveling, in such an atmosphere, you can take pictures easily, do n’t think Smile stiffly or feel fake. Because they let me know that photos can be retouched, but emotions cannot be synthesized by computers Thank you for this nonsense Photo Studio team for participating in the most special part of our life. The picture of the snail father shows the combination of power and beauty. The photo of Da Fei shows the expression of true emotions and fulfills my dream. I have always felt that wedding dresses are not just for the photos taken to deal with marriage, but for a few 10 years, I would like to see them again, and I can also discuss what happened at the moment when this photo was taken, and I can laugh and remember together, because He is not only a physical memory, but also deeply imprinted in our minds, I think we did it (Original) / 謝謝 / 籌備婚禮的過程中,女孩們最期待的,我想就是拍攝美美的婚紗了。 一開始我就傾向全自助婚紗,所以我看了無數個攝影師的拍攝風格,最後我選擇了 無稽 Photo Studio - 螺父 ,我喜歡他的照片畫面雖簡單,但卻充滿情感的美 與螺父討論時,他問我們想要如何呈現我們的婚紗,我說我想將我們的興趣生活融入於婚紗中,於是我們決定了三天的輕旅拍,討論的過程中,就像朋友再聊天一樣,完全不會有距離感。 我們一直都將拍攝婚紗當成旅行,超期待的,終於等到開拍的當天,才開始有點緊張,不知道該用什麼表情與姿勢開拍,還好 螺父 (蔡孟諺) 和 劉飛飛 他們利用幽默又不失專業的態度,帶我們慢慢的進入那感覺,在拍攝的過程中,他們不斷的給予建議,告訴我們怎樣調整才能呈現出更好的畫面,雖然有時後會覺得,這姿勢是要折死誰啊,但看到照片,才知道攝影師的堅持是對的,哈哈哈哈 三天的拍攝,說真的大家根本就是玩瘋了,與他們再一起拍攝,根本不像再工作,就像真的在旅行一樣,在那樣的氛圍下,可以很輕鬆自在的拍攝,不覺得笑得很僵,或是感覺很假。 因為他們讓我知道 照片可以修圖,但感情是無法透過電腦合成的 謝謝這次無稽 Photo Studio 的工作團隊 參與我們人生中最特別的一段旅行。 螺父的照片呈現了力與美 結合 大飛的照片呈現真實情感的流露 完成了我的夢想 我一直覺得婚紗不只是為了應付結婚而拍的相本,而是幾10年後,還會想再看,而且還可以討論拍攝這張照片的當下,發生了什麼趣事,可以一起歡笑的回憶,因為他不只有實體的回憶,更是深刻的烙印在我們的腦海裡,我想我們做到了mimi hoJune 10, 2019
Mr. Wuji was kind enough to travel all the way to New York, USA for my wedding with my wife who is from Taiwan. He stayed with us for a week and photographed the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and held a separate photo shoot for us and the family. He was fun to work with and brought the best out of everyone. The photos he delivered were high quality, well composed and creative. We enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him.Howard WangMay 3, 2019
(Translated by Google) Awesome photography! Impeccable in terms of space, staff, finished products and prices! The photographer's presentation of the picture is even more rare and fresh in Taiwan's wedding photography. (Original) 非常棒的攝影!無論是空間、員工、成品與價格都無可挑剔!攝影師對於畫面的呈現更是在台灣婚紗攝影裡少見的清新自然。Nancy ChiuMay 2, 2019
(Translated by Google) The photographers and make-up artists are tireless in communicating and discussing, which is great. (Original) 攝影師及彩妝師不厭其煩的溝通討論,很棒。黃榕妤April 27, 2019
(Translated by Google) I remember meeting for the first time in the studio. Da Fei was a handsome boy with a coy, showing his lively side on the day of his wedding. He also took a lot of super cute pictures for the cat at home. Fei gave me the signature of the first marriage witness in my life, ha! Now when I see his work photos, I will think of that day. This is a young and energetic studio. Each corner of the studio has their own personality and dreams. They turn over the memories that have been recorded and are moved every time. (Original) 記得第一次約在工作室見面,大飛是一個帶著靦腆的帥氣boy,結婚當天展現的他活潑的一面,也幫家裡貓咪拍了很多張超可愛的照片,不得不提的是大飛把人生第一次結婚證人的簽名獻給了我,哈! 現在看到他的工作照片都會想起那天。 這是一間有年輕活力的工作室,裡面每個角落都有著他們的個性及夢想,翻著被記落下的回憶,每次都被感動著。劉恬恬April 25, 2019
(Translated by Google) "Wedding" After choosing a good dress for this wedding dress, we then discussed the entire wedding style with the non-key team and also our soul-eye photographer "Luo Fu". Luoluo is a person who doesn't need too many answers, because the body is indecent like a Picasso artist, and the finished product shows a professional attitude! I think few photographers can work seamlessly with new secrets and newcomers. In addition to guiding the newcomers into the shooting situation at the shooting site, they also participate in the discussion of new secret makeup hair at any time, and they are always encouraged to pose a suitable angle. More importantly, we took a lot of fun, and we were almost laughed to death by Luo Fu. This atmosphere we liked very much. Every newcomer has a style that suits them. It's right to be a non-standard team for Model! "After finally getting the finished product" We received a surprise from the team. After opening the box, there are a selection of photos from the photographer. Our stories are best preserved using non-standard wooden boxes, and only those who have received will understand the intentions of the creator. Whether it's photo paper or fine card, it's a guarantee of quality. Compared with the small card in the house, the foreign son is more praiseworthy, a gift worth remembering for a lifetime We like it very much, thank you, moved (Original) 「拍婚紗」 這次拍婚紗選定好禮服後,接著與無稽團隊、也是我們的靈魂之眼攝影師「螺父」,討論整個婚紗風格。螺父是個不需要太多答案的人,因為身體住著猶如畢卡索藝術家般的無可捉摸,成品不囉嗦的展現出專業態度! 我想很少有攝影師能與新秘、新人配合的無縫接軌。除了拍攝現場引導新人進入拍攝狀況外,也隨時參與新秘妝髮的討論,並且時時刻刻鼓勵新人擺出適合的角度。 更重要的是,我們拍的很歡樂,快被螺父笑死,這個氣氛我們很喜歡。 每位新人都有適合自己的風格,要當Model找無稽團隊就對了! 「終於拿到成品後」 我們收到團隊給予的驚喜,打開盒子後有張攝影師的精選照,當然有收到過的前輩一定知道我在說什麼,得意狀 我們的故事使用無稽精選木盒做最好的保存,只有收過的人會懂創作者的用心。 無論是相本用紙也好,還有精緻小卡,皆是品質保證。與坊間的小卡相比,外子更是讚不絕口,值得紀念一輩子的禮物 我們很喜歡,謝謝您們,感動Juyu YehApril 23, 2019
(Translated by Google) Super professional photography team. In addition to professional, the cost is also similar. The wedding dress is ok to the non-standard team! Everyone was asking where to take the wedding banquet? How can it be so natural? My wife and I are very happy to be able to hand over important life events to the team. !! (Original) 超專業的攝影團隊。除了專業,費用也平異近人。婚紗交給無稽團隊就ok了! 婚宴時,所有人都在問哪裡拍的?怎嗎那麼自然?我跟我老婆都很高興可以將重要的人生大事紀錄交給無稽團隊!!lin hammerkApril 23, 2019
(Translated by Google) The photos I took are very fond, and the snail is very personal ... Thanks for the pants he provided to make it look better overall. I will also recommend it to friends, especially the Cp value of the special part of the wedding invitation is really high and very textured. 👍 (Original) 拍出來的照片很喜歡,螺父很有個性...感謝他提供的褲子讓整體上更好看⋯⋯也會推薦給朋友,尤其是喜帖特製部分Cp值真的很高也很有質感👍👍👍李長秀April 23, 2019
(Translated by Google) It ’s really ridiculous. I asked a lot of questions before the filming. The non-graphical team shared the experience enthusiastically. Even the selection of the dress also gave a lot of practical suggestions. On the day of the filming, because we do n’t really face the camera, the snail is still super. Professionally took our beautiful photos, but also took us into the mirror together with super-loving idols! !! It was a big surprise to see the photos ~~ When I finally picked up the product, I was really satisfied with the finished product. Compared with the outside album, it is very big and heavy. I prefer non-descript albums. The overall texture of the leather exterior is extra points. It is also recommended that new people can record wedding dresses ~ seeing the finished product will be sweet! (Original) 真的大推無稽,從拍攝前發問了一堆問題,無稽團隊整個熱心的分享經驗,連挑禮服也是給了很多實用的建議,拍攝當天因為我們實在不太會面對鏡頭,螺父還是超專業的把我們拍的美美的,而且還把我們跟超愛的偶像一起入鏡整個創舉啊!!看到照片真是大驚喜~~ 最後取件的時候看到成品真的很滿意,相較於外面的相簿很大有厚重,我更喜歡無稽的相簿,皮革外裝整個質感超加分。 也推薦新人們可以婚紗側錄~看到成品心頭都會甜滋滋的唷!花寶寶April 23, 2019
(Translated by Google) For the bride, the wedding photo is really an important part of the wedding. I am very happy to find my sister-in-law and Yier. The whole preparation process and the discussion of the photo are very careful. It feels great to get along like friends, and the photos are very satisfactory. Naturally, the friends who saw it said that we have our style. It has been over a year since it was shot, and I still like it when I look at it ❤️ (Original) 對新娘來說婚紗照真的是婚禮裡面很重要的部份,很開心找到諼子跟毅兒,整個準備過程跟拍照的討論都很細心,相處起來像朋友感覺很棒,照片成果出來很滿意很自然,看到的朋友都說很有我們的風格,到現在已經拍完過了一年,再看還是覺得很喜歡❤️chia wuApril 19, 2019
(Translated by Google) The nature and beauty of the photos come from the sensitivity and aesthetics of professional photographers. I have been recommended by a friend to be a Dafei wedding photographer. After several discussions and communication, I believe that he is the best. Indeed, the lively and understanding person has a high EQ. Photographed by Zhang Zhangzheng, a big push ~ Wu Ji Photo Studio-Da Fei Photographer. (Original) 照片的自然與美感來自專業攝影師的敏感度與審美觀,經友人推薦大飛婚攝大師,幾經討論與溝通相信他是最棒的,的確~活潑又善解人意更是高EQ,逗得被拍者張張自然⋯,大推哦~無稽攝影工作室—大飛攝影師。康素芬April 16, 2019
(Translated by Google) From self-help wedding dresses to toddler pictures of 2 kids Dafei is very serious and careful, and the quality is good After that, there is still a need for photography. (Original) 從自助婚紗到2個小孩的幼兒寫真都是大飛拍的 大飛非常認真,而且細心,成品質感也很好 之後有拍照需求還是非大飛莫屬😄😄郭采紜April 12, 2019
(Translated by Google) Dafei, who had previously photographed two wedding records for the studio, would very much drive the atmosphere of the scene and capture the natural picture. The results were superb, and there were also very textured memoirs. In the space before the engagement banquet, we went to our wife's alma mater to take a micro wedding dress with us, and we can feel his love for photography and the joy of sharing. Big push! (Original) 之前給工作室的大飛拍過兩場結婚紀錄,非常會帶動現場氣氛與捕捉自然的畫面,成果出來超讚,還有非常有質感的紀念本。訂婚宴客前的空擋還跟我們一起去老婆的母校拍攝微婚紗,可以感受到他對攝影的熱愛與分享的喜悅。大推!rovan chungApril 12, 2019
(Translated by Google) Photographers feel relaxed and stress-free Be yourself and capture the most beautiful and natural pictures👍 I feel really beautiful when I get the finished wedding photography The packaging is very delicate Even the USB package is beautiful Very carefully Then my photographer is Da Fei Liu Feifei Very handsome and funny photographer Can make you face the camera very relaxed Shove (Original) 攝影師讓人感覺很輕鬆不會有壓力 自然的做自己捕捉最美最自然的畫面👍 拿到婚禮攝影成品的時候覺得真的很美 包裝做的很精緻 連USB也包裝的很美 很用心 然後 我的攝影師是大飛劉飛飛 很帥很搞笑的攝影師 可以讓你很放鬆的面對鏡頭 大推👍👍👍凌薇薇April 10, 2019
(Translated by Google) This time, we assisted our wedding photo shoot and wedding record with @谖子老师 At the first meeting, the teacher listened carefully to our story and what we wanted to present for the wedding dress. In addition, we introduced many of our wedding-related excellent professionals (ex: wedding dress, new secret). In addition to the wedding, the teacher will bring the atmosphere. In addition, he is very good at discovering the moments of emotional interaction between new people. After receiving the pictures that the teacher has not yet repaired, he is moved to tears. Not to mention the wedding friends on the day of the wedding saw everyone's consistent praise. Thank you again, thank you teacher. (Original) 這次協助我們婚紗拍攝和婚禮記錄的是@諼子老師 在第一次碰面時老師用心傾聽我們的故事以及對於婚紗想呈現的內容,另外更介紹我們許多婚禮相關的優職業者(ex:婚紗、新秘),婚紗拍攝當天老師除了很會帶氣氛之外,很擅長發掘新人間感情互動的時刻,之後收到老師還未修過的毛片時,就感動的流淚了。更不用說婚禮當天親友們看到婚紗照大家一致的好評。再次谖子謝謝老師Reta ChenMarch 2, 2019
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